EWK 2L Pneumatic Vacuum Brake Bleeder Oil Fluid Extractor Pump

EWK 2L Pneumatic Vacuum Brake Bleeder Oil Fluid Extractor Pump

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  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty


Pops Out Big Car Dents

The air suction dent puller kit is for repairing dents on your car panel. Pneumatic operation makes it suitable for fixing deep and big dents.

Only Little Effort Required

The pneumatic slide hammer generates great vacuum power for pulling out severe dents. Stronger strength makes the repair job easy for everyone.

Do No Harm To Your Original Paint

Repainting a piece of panel can cost 300 bucks, you don’t want to do any unnecessary damage to it. The paintless dent repair tool requires no welding, drilling or sanding the car, preserving the value of its special coating.

High Quality

  • Made With Premium Materials, Durable And Rugged. Endures High Temperature.
  • Temperature Range : -3∘F~140 ∘F


  • Widely Used In Brake Bleeding And Oil Changing Of Cars, Motorbikes And Other Vehicles.

Working Conditions

  • Air Pressure : 70-170 psi


  • Vacuum Brake Bleeder
  • 1/4" Silicon Hose With Universal Rubber Adapter


  • Put The Hose In The Reservoir And Suck All The Dirty Brake Fluid Out Of The Master Cylinder.

  • Set Up The Filling Device. Remember To Keep The Reservoir Filled At All Time.

  • Remove The Dust Cap On The Bleeder Screw And Put The Nipple On It To Connect The Bleeder Kit With The Caliper.
  • Applying Some Grease To The Joint Makes It Seal Better.

  • Loosen The Screw With A Wrench, Pull The Trigger On Bleeder Kit To Start Bleeding.
  • Keep Bleeding Until The Fluid Coming Out Is Clear. Tighten The Bleeder Screw And Put The Dust Cap Back On.
  • Please Check The Factory Manual For The Correct Bleeding Sequence Of Your Car.

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