EWK Slide Hammer Dent Puller PDR Repair Tool Glue Pulling Tab Heat Gun

EWK Slide Hammer Dent Puller PDR Repair Tool Glue Pulling Tab Heat Gun

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Glue Pad

The Pads Come In A Variety Of Sizes And Shapes, Covering Most Dents. You Can Always Find The One That Meets Your Need.

Line Board

If There Is A Dent, The Reflecting Lines On The Panel Will Be Deformed Into Round Or Thick Bars. The Use Of Optics Is A Professional Way To Inspect Dents And Exam The Result Of Repair.

Glue Stick

The Glue Sticks Are Sorted By Viscosity. The Yellow One Is The Strongest, Suitable For Hard Parts Of A Car. The White One Is The Medium, Suitable For Not So Hard Parts. The Black One Is The Weakest, Suitable For Soft Parts.


Different Pullers Deal With Different Tasks. Use The Slide Hammer For Big Dents And Dent Lifter For Smaller Ones.


1. Confirm The Dent With Line Board. Choose A Glue Tab Of The Correct Size And Shape For The Dent.

2.  Clean Off The Surfaces Of Both The Panel And The Tab So That The Glue Will Stick. 

3. Apply Hot Glue To The Tab And Place It In The Center Of The Dent.

4. Wait Until The Glue Is Cooled And Set, Then Use The Slide Hammer Or Dent Lifter To Pull Out The Dent.

5. The Tab Will Break Away From The Glue. Then Apply Some Solvent Cleaner To Soften The Glue And Remove It With The Shovel.* A Deep Dent May Require 2-3 Times Of Operation.

6. Use The Hammer To Fix It Completely.



1pc-Dent Lifter
1pc-Line Board
1pc-Plastic Bridge Puller
1pc-Glue Gun (US Plug)
23pc- Blue Tabs
9pc-Black Tabs
4pc-Aluminum Tabs
6pc-Yellow Tap Down Pen
1pc-Dent Ding Hammer
1pc-Rummber Hammer
1pc-Tap Down Pen With 9 Heads
15pc-Glue Sticks (5 Black+5 Yellow + 5 White) Diameter : 7mm 
1pc-Slide Hammer Puller  
1pc-Short T Handle Bar  
1pc-Tool Bag  

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