EWK 9 Way Wheel Bearing Hub Slide Hammer Axle Puller Attachment Set More detail

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Matching Tool

This 9 Way Slide Hammer Puller Set Is Designed To Be Used With Other 5/8" - 18 Thread Slide Hammer Attachments.

Quality Makes Tools

The Set Includes Grip Wrench Adapter, Making It Applicable For Other Particular Pulling Requirements.

Quality Makes Tools

Drop-Forged Steel Puller And Fully Hardened Shaft And Accessories Ensure The Durability.


• 2 Way Cross Block
• Front Hub Puller
• Internal/External 3 Jaw Puller
• Internal/External 2 Jaw Puller
• Rear Axle Puller
• Grip Wrench Adapter
• Puller Hook
• 5 lb Steel Slide Hammer