New 9 Way Slide Hammer Axle / Bearing / Dent / Hub / Gear Puller Set More detail

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● Kit Includes :
2 way cross block、front hub puller、internal 3 jaw puller、external 3 jaw puller、rear axle puller、internal 2 jaw puller、external 2 jaw puller、 grip wrench adapter、dent puller and puller hook、5 lb Steel slide hammer.
● Internal and External Jaws provide a variety of combinations to pull bearings, gears and seals.

● Pulls Flange-type rear axle and most front wheel drive hubs.
● Set includes grip wrench adapter and dent puller.
● Two and three-way cross blocks and cone provide perfect jaw configuration for many jobs.
● Drop forged steel puller and fully hardened shaft and accessories.
● Converts in to 2 or 3 jaw internal external puller.
● This 9 way slide hammer puller set is designed for use with other 5/8" - 18 thread slide hammer attachments.