【EB0054】EWK Camshaft Locking Timing Belt Tool for Land Rover Range Rover Freelander MG 2.0 2.5L V6

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  • LAND ROVER TIMING TOOL – Exclusively designed for Land Rover 2.0, 2.5 V6 engines. Specialty tools for checking and adjusting your Land Rover engine timing with no revision required.
  • APPLICATION – Suitable for Rover, MG, Land Rover 1996-2006 models. Fit 45, 75, 825, ZT/ZT-T 160, ZT/ZT-T 180, ZS180, Freelander.
  • PERFECT ALIGNMENT – Locks camshafts firmly for precise and efficient timing. The tools fix camshaft and crankshaft at timing position precisely when you replace the timing belt or do other cylinder head work.
  • COMPLETE SET – Comes in comprehensive kit to finish the timing job. Including camshaft pulley locking tool, sprocket tool, guide pins, crankshaft tool, the set comes with all tools you need for the job.
  • WARRANTY – ISO and TUV qualified manufacturing process. We provide well made tools with 1 year warranty, quality and safety guaranteed.

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  • A. OEM:LRT 12-175(Landrover Freelander)/OEM:18G 1747-1(Rover 45,47 / MG ) Camshaft pulley locking tool x 1
  • B. OEM:12-175(Land Rover 825) Rear camshaft sprocket tool x 1
  • C. OEM:LRT12-187(Land Rover) Camshaft locking tools 2.0(2)-gold x 1
  • D. OEM:12R208(Land Rover)/OEM:18G 1747-2(Rover / MG) Camshaft locking tools 2.5 (2)-silver x 1
  • E. OEM:LRT12-232(Land Rover)/OEM:18G 1747-5(Rover / MG) Crankshaft locking pin x 1
  • F. OEM:LRT12-198(Land Rover)/OEM:18G 1746 A(Rover / MG) Rear sprocket guide pins (2) x 1
  • G. OEM:LRT12-195(Land Rover) Rear camshaft sprocket spreader x 1
  • H. Camshaft tensioner pin x 1
  • I. OEM:LRT12-196(Land Rover)/OEM:18G 1747(Rover / MG) Camshaft locking tools (2) x 1


  • Model
  • Rover : 45, 75, 825
  • MG : ZT/ZT-T 160, ZT/ZT-T 180, ZS180
  • Land Rover : Freelander

  • Engine
  • 2.0 V6, 2.5 V6


  • Dedicated for your Land / Range rover. Provided with OEM number to assure you get exactly the kits you need.
  • The comprehensive set includes camshaft locking tools,rear camshaft sprocket guide pin,crankshaft locking pin.
  • Changing the timing belt regularly ensures a safe drive and ensures efficiency & satisfaction.
  • Complete kit helps you finish the job efficiently and completely.
  • ISO and TUV qualified manufacturing process.


  • Please refer to the owner's manual before using.
Weight 8.6 lbs
Dimensions 16.3 × 14 × 3.4 in


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