【EB0285】EWK 5 Ton Capacity Bearing Puller Set Bearing Separator Kit Bearing Removal Splitter Tool Kit


  • 【 Multi Applications 】 EWK bearing puller set is designed to pull off differential bearings, release stuck bearing races, bearing hubs, axle shafts and various bearing mechanism on most vehicles.
  • 【 All in one Kit 】 Giving you a plenty of options to successfully complete various pulling jobs. Fulfills various kind of bearing splitter tasks from Ø30 to Ø75mm with 2 of the most widely used bearing separators.
  • 【 Heavy Duty Splitter 】 Made of quality carbon steel, built with rugged drop-forged construction and heat-treated to withstand rigorous jobs, this set is proven dependable for the long haul.
  • 【 Efficient Tool 】 The 5 ton bearing removal tool covers a wide range of fit. It can be used separately or in proper combination with other pullers and tools.
  • 【 Excellent Support 】 Service and Quality guaranteed! EWK provides you premium quality tools with 12 months warranty. If there is any problem or concern with our products, please contact us for assistance.

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EWK Bearing Separator Kit

Ideal for splitting gears, wheels, and fittings from shafts. Perfectly remove front and rear wheel large and small bearings or axle shafts safely without hassle.

Simple Operation

  • Includes everything you need for a fast and effective removal and installation of small and large wheel bearings on front and rear wheel hubs, gears, pulleys, pinions and axle drive shafts.

Great Compatibility

  • This bearing puller kit can be used separately or in combination with other pullers and tools (jaws are not included), making this tool more versatile for different application.

Solid Built Kit

  • Produced from drop forged construction and heat treatment to withstand difficult and heavy works, making the bearing puller set a long lasting and reliable tool kit.

Weight 12.13 lbs
Dimensions 13.19 × 10.04 × 2.76 in


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