【 EB0279 】EWK 3 Hoses + Sealing Cap + Storage Tube Set for 6.5L Fluid Extractor Pump Oil Vacuum Changer

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  • LEVEL UP – Upgrade your oil extractor with newer & better accessories. Renew your EWK oil extractor pump with brand new tubes, extra storage unit and sealing cap.
  • STORAGE UNIT – Storage unit well collects the hoses when not in use. Easy to install, the 30.5-inch-long storage unit keeps your tubes from missing and your garage from mess.
  • SEALING CAP – Sealing cap makes the full extractor pump safe to transport. Put on the sealing cap after your oil extractor pump is full of fluid, and you can transport it to the local disposal center.
  • NEW TUBES – 3 Tubes are for replacing your dirty old ones. Nylon tubes can wear over time, 3 new tubes are replacements for the dirty, damaged or missing ones.
  • MUST HAVES – A set including all the accessories and at a stealing price! The special kit for you, who are already EWK pneumatic fluid extractor pump owners.

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  • A. Main tube (7.8mm x 9.8mm) x 1
  • B. Extension tube + wire (4.0mm x 6.0mm) x 1
  • C. Extension tube (5.3mm x 6.7mm) x 1
  • Length of 3 tubes : 100cm

Lock Design

  • The main tube with a lock design seals the spout securely, ensuring safe further operation.

Extension Tube

  • Connect the main tube and the extension tube together with the rubber adapter to reach the bottom of the oil pan.


  • The wire is used to support the soft and thin tube, and to prevent it from being obstructed by dirty oil during inserting the extension to the dipstick tube.

Sealing Cap & Storage Tube


    D. Storage tube :
  • Storage tube x 1
  • Holders x 2
  • Screws x 2
  • Nut x 1

  • E. Sealing cap :
  • Sealing cap x 1
  • Screw x 1
  • Nut x 1
  • Compatible with EWK 6.5L pneumatic/manual oil extractor. (SKU : EB0103)

Step 1.

  • Loosen the screws on the upper lid of the oil extractor.

Step 2.

  • Thread the storage tube through 2 metal rings, and fix the smaller ring to the bottom. Lock the sealing cap & the upper metal ring to the lid.

Step 3.

  • Tighten the loosened screws back to the lid.
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Dimensions 44.69 × 3.54 × 1.89 in

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