【EB0123】Camshaft Cam Alignment Timing Lock Holder Holding Tool

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  • 【 Universal Car Repair Tool 】 Covers most single overhead cam engines, twin cam engines and quad cam engines lock camshafts to hold valve timing during belt replacement.
  • 【 Perfect Alignment 】 Hold camshafts in position while changing timing belts on most over-head cam engines.
  • 【 Great Quality Tool 】Made of premium quality carbon steel material, high strength and durable.
  • 【 Patented Design 】 Lock tooth design securely engages all cam gear sizes.
  • 【 Excellent Working Experience 】 ISO and TUV qualified manufacturing process. EWK provides premium quality tools with 1 year warranty. Service and Safety guaranteed!

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●  Locks into teeth of sprockets to retain camshaft timing position.
●  Suitable for Flanged Sprockets.
●  Great Timer Saver “Acts as a second pair of hands”.
●  Works for both Gas & Diesel Engines.
●  Also works on Diesel Injection Pumps to lock the timing position!
●  Saves time, money and eliminates the possibility of damage due to misalignment of the timing gears.
●  Features Unique to the Multi-Lock:
    Pitch Adjustment.
    Ratchet Locking Handles.
    Button Release for Handle Repositioning.
    Horizontal and Lateral Adjustment.
    Special Grove for Ridged Cams.

Weight 0.47 lbs
Dimensions 5.9 × 3.9 × 2 in


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