Aluminum Can Air / Pneumatic Refillable Pressure Sprayer More detail

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Multi Use In Daily Life

The pressure air sprayer can be used for lubrication and cleaning of automobiles and bikes, also ideal for electronics and general dusting.

2 Types Of Nozzles For Different Operations

With an attached flip nozzle, you can switch the spray from mist setting to stream setting in seconds according to your needs.

Air Compressed Spray Can

The pressurized air canister provides adequate force of air and allows you to spray from any angles, even upside down. Under normal condition, the can holds pressure for more than a month.

Working Condition

  • Working pressure range : 90-200 psi
  • Capacity : 650cc
  • Warning : Do not fill with acetone, corrosive, strong acid and alkalifuid.

Nozzle Design

  • The long nozzle provides stream setting and goes into narrow space. General nozzle is for mist setting and wide spray.

Portable Tool

  • The 650cc aluminum spray can is light and easy to carry. Once it is filled, you can take it on the go.


Step 1

  • Loosen the cap of the can and pour in the fluid ( water, lubricant, cleaner etc.)

Step 2

  • Use an air compressor or a bike pump to pressurize to 90psi.

Step 3

  • Clean, dust or apply lubricant with the sprayer.

Step 4

  • Make sure there's no pressure in the can before opening it to ensure safety.