Pneumatic / Manual 6.5Liter Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor Pump Tank Remover

Pneumatic / Manual 6.5Liter Oil Changer Vacuum Fluid Extractor Pump Tank Remover

Price: $77.49
  • SKU NO: EB0103
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty


Buy One For Two Functions

The Pneumatic And Manual Two-Way Operated Oil Extractor Is A Time And Money Saver. Pay Once And Cut Down More Costs In The Long Run.

Choose The Wiser Method

Still Looking For The Right Place To Do Extraction? The Oil Suction Pump Relieves You Of Lifting The Car, Finding A Ramp Or Crawling On The Floor. With Its Specially Designed Spout, There Will Be No Oil Drops On The Floor Of Your Garage. Let's Keep It Simple And Clean!

How Much Have You Spent On Changing Oil Annually ?

Engine Oil, Dipstick Oil, Motor Oil, Brake Oil, Coolant, Water, Do You Know How Much You Are Spending On Changing Fluids Every Year? Here's To Pay Less And Get More!

High Efficiency! The Job Can Be Done Before You Finish Your Beer

Connect The Oil Evacuator With An Air Compressor And Turn It On. The Air Operated Device Will Get Your Job Done Within 10 Minutes. (1.6L/Min)

The Extractor Pump Suiting Everyone

Whether You Are A Diyer, Money Saver, Mess Hater, Or Simply Looking For A Great Oil Changer, This Is A Product That Makes You Regret Not Having Earlier. The Amazing Efficiency Will Exceed Your Expectations For Oil Changing.

Best Oil Change Pump For Family

Whatever Fluids You Need To Extract, It's Your Best Partner To Fulfill The Work. It Takes Little Strength And Deals With Cars, Marines, Boats And Lawn Mowers. ( Manual Mode Works In No Electricity Conditions)

How To Replace Oil Safely?

Different Oil Hoses Fit Up To 90% Car Models

A. Whatever Capacity Your Oil Tank Is, You Can Suck Up Every Drop Of Fluid In The Bottom Of It By Connecting Two Hoses Together.
B. The Hoses Are Consumables And Might Wear Out By Time. EWK Also Sells Different Sizes Of Replacement Hoses For Your To Replace.
C. Multi Use In One Product! You Don't Need To Purchase An Additional Brake Bleeder. With One More Bleeder Hose, It's A Brake Bleeder!



How To Install The Equipment Before Extraction:

Connect A Hose Counterclockwisely With The Oil Extractor. To Prevent Danger While Extraction, Please Make Sure They Are Connected Tightly.


How To Pour Out The Oil After Extraction:

Remove The Hose Clockwisely And Pour Out The Oil Slowly In The Recycling Station. Note That The Fluid Should Not Be Over The Limit Line While Pouring.


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