EWK 15L Pneumatic Manual Vacuum Oil Change Suction Pump Extractor Tank Fluid Evacuator w/ Brake Bleeder Hose More detail

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Large Capacity

15 liters of oil can be extracted at one time.
> Capacity : 15L

Heat Resistant Tank

Made from polypropylene which can withstand 200°F.

Do Not Extract When The Oil Temperature Is Over 200°F.
Too High Oil Temperature Will Cause The Tank To Deform.

Manual Mode

Pattern designed handle provides more stability for using.

Pneumatic Mode

More than enough 5 minutes, connect with a compressor make a quick extraction.

Working Pressure : 40-170 PSI

Safety Device

Lock the hose and spout securely provide a safe operation.

Decompression Valve

Release the negative pressure when extracting, press the decomression valve to make a fluent extraction.


The spout was designed as eagle mouth to make it fluent and prevent spilling out.

Do Not Turn The Tank Upside Down To Pour Out Oil. When The Fluid Goes Over The Limited Draining Line, It Will Flow Into The Air Hose And Lead To Leakage.

Brake Tube

Special design stop button to avoid oil spilling out when remove tubes.


Keep Your Engine Warm

Start the engine, make sure the oil is warm, and make it smoother when pumping.

Turn Off The Engine And Let It Cool Down For At Least 15 Min.
If The Engine Is Cold, Start It Up And Run It For A Couple Of Minutes.

Remove Oil Dipstick

Insert the extractor tube into the dipstick pipe until it reaches the bottom of the oil pan.

Extract Oil

Choose the fuction you need.
After extracting, turn the tube in the oil pan to make sure all the oil done.

Finish the Work

After extraction, clean the hose with rub, remove the hose and connect the pouring spout.
Pour out the used oil and recycle.


•  A. Diameter : 5.3 × 6.7 mm / Length : 39.3 Inches
•  B. Diameter : 4.0 × 6.0 mm / Length : 39.3 Inches + Wire
•  C. Diameter : 7.8 × 9.8 mm / Length : 39.3 Inches
•  D. ( Brake Bleeding Tube ) Diameter : 4.0 × 8.0 mm / Length : 59 Inches
•  E. Extractor Pump

Extended Tubes
The Nylon Hoses Are Consumables In The Set And Should Be Changed When They Are Worn Out Get New Ones By Searching "EWK Extractor Hose”.