Fix a Windshield Do It Yourself Windshield Repair Kit More detail

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Wide Applications

Repairs Damages On All Types Of Laminated Windshields. Perfect For DIYers To Get Rid Of Small Breaks.


The Heavy Duty Repairing Device Strongly Presses The Resin Into Breaks, Evacuating Air And Assuring The Complete Infiltration.


Special For Repairing Laminated Windshields, Provides Durable Seal And Protection For The Pits.


• Resin
• Repair Device
• Curing Strips
• Sleeved Razor Blade


1. Clean The Surface Of The Pit And Align The Center Of The Applicator Base With It.

2. Screw The Resin Chamber Into The Applicator Base And Put Proper Drops Of Resin Into The Reservoir.

3. Screw The Pressure Driver Into The Resin Chamber To Push The Resin Into The Pit And Wait For It To Dry.
• Some Situations May Require 2-3 Operations.

4. Remove The Repair Kit And Wipe Away Excess Resin.

5. Apply Some Resin To The Pit And Put A Curing Strip On It To Make A Coating Over The Top.

6. Leave It In The Sun To Let It Cure And Then Use A Razor Blade To Scrape Off The Hardened Resin.