Brand Story

Why we start

Every idea starts to resolve problems. We are the professional importer of car special tools. We found that it is not easy to find quality tools with reasonable price to get the job done. The quality of OEM tool is undoubtedly excellent, but the price is expensive and unaffordable. Non-brand tool kits might be found online easily, but the quality is always unstable, which frequently screws up the job. Even if there is a reliable shop, the items are not complete enough, and the waiting time for delivery is long. Seeing the need of the users, EWK TOOL was founded in 2010.

We are Professional

All EWK products were designed by our experienced design team who has been cooperated with the OEM technique department over 13 years. Meanwhile, our suppliers have involved in special tool field for over 20 years. With the expert design and production knowledge, EWK designs car repair tools that are able to satisfy the needs of professional mechanics.

Reasonable price

Having been long-term worked with the professional manufacturer all over the world. Well-knowledge of the manufacturing process let us to having excellent ability of cost control. That’s why we are able to provide customers high quality products with the most reasonable price.

Our Promise

The advanced production and strict quality control. All EWK tools passed ISO (International Organization for Standardization) to ensure the safety of using and to keep the quality. That’s the reason we are the only auto repair tool brand who can provide warranty.


Challenging the traditional sales channel, EWK sells repair tools online only. You can find us in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia Amazon and ebay. Of course it also includes our official website.Meanwhile, we also set our own logistic center in the country mentioned. Saving delivery time and avoid the expensive international freight. The only online brand you can trust. To bring you the excellent working experience.